Employee No. 1

Menu design

A menu is an essential part of the dining experience, yet one frequently taken for granted. When visiting a restaurant, think about the aspects of […]

The How To Book

Redesign an existing guide, manual, or how to book in order to communicate the information in a more successful and visually interesting way. Begin by […]


The Howling Room: a laid back record store/music venue combination that focuses on promoting local up and coming bands.  Hypnotic Sounds: a music streaming service specializing in […]

Storage container idea

I started saving these grated cheese containers a few years ago to hold small loose items and tools. Remove the label and toss them in […]

The Power of Language

“The Power of Language” concept demonstrates the idea that written language is the telling of unique, individual stories.

Modern birdhouse, move in ready

I’ve always enjoyed building bird houses. This little gem came about this past Summer when I found some beautiful pieces of mahogany in the scrap pile.