Of foreign and domestic tackiness

Ok, I admit that I actively look for products that are made in the USA. I generally value the quality of goods made in the USA and a few other countries like Germany, Japan and Switzerland, though Canada does make some fine sand paper. If businesses want to manufacture their products elsewhere that’s fine, but I’ve been noticing items that really try to suggest made in the USA (or Denmark). While I own things made in China for various reasons, I find these examples a bit on the deceptive side.

I was out looking at boots today and came across these gems. In my judgement this is in poor taste.

How about these fabulous saw horses from Tough Built. A cursory look and you might think these were made somewhere with a striped flag. Good to know that they’re quality assured in the USA.

You just know that US General means quality. Maybe it means Us, not U.S.

I love the way these guys add the Swiss flag to the package. These must be precision instruments indeed.

What does Denmark have to do with a CA. based Tabletops Unlimited?