Menu design

A menu is an essential part of the dining experience, yet one frequently taken for granted. When visiting a restaurant, think about the aspects of the location’s brand that you engage with. Ultimately, the menu reflects the voice and spirit of an eatery or pub. A menu must be clear, well organized, appropriate, and sometimes practical or imaginative. In addition, a menu that differentiates a business and showcases it’s offerings can be key to the establishment’s success or failure.

Design a menu system for an actual restaurant or bar and grill. Select a menu that is moderate in quantity of offerings. Avoid short and limited as well as novel length menus. When selecting your client, consider getting out of your comfort zone a bit. Accustomed to rough and edgy—perhaps sophisticated and elegant is your direction.

Student Designer: Katherine Aclin

Student Designer: Hayley Rutledge

Student Designer: Ayana Atha